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In an unexpected turn of events, a bride in Amlan, Negros Oriental was unable to walk down the aisle during her wedding over the weekend.

A video captured her entourage hurrying towards the altar as the mass began, just as she was arriving at the church door on Saturday, June 8. The emotional bride, in tears, was assisted in reaching her groom at the altar.

Another video revealed that after the wedding ceremony concluded, a coffin was brought in as it was scheduled next.

The bride and groom were both in tears during their photo session. The video and pictures she posted on her Facebook account (Janine Seit Suelto-Sagario), has since garnered over 78,000 shares.

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Wedding Mishap

Bride Janine Suelto-Sagario encountered a significant and distressing setback on the eve of her wedding day in Amlan, Negros Oriental.

One of their wedding sponsors, who serves at St. Andrew the Apostle Parish, visited the couple’s home to deliver unexpected news: their wedding schedule had been changed.

“Niari sa balay to inform us nga gitugon siya sa taga convent nga na reschedule ang time sa among wedding from 8:00 a.m. down to 9:30 a.m. (She came to our house to inform us that she was asked by the convent to reschedule the time of our wedding),” Suelto-Sagario explained.

Faced with this sudden change, the couple quickly informed their entire entourage about the new schedule. However, when they arrived at the church, they were met with unexpected and harsh reprimands from the church staff.

The staff accused them of being an hour late, despite the couple’s belief that they were on time based on the new schedule they were given.

“Kay 1 hour late na daw mi, dili daw himuong ordinaryo ang simbahan (Because we were one hour late, we should not take the church ordinarily),” Suelto-Sagario recounted, highlighting the staff’s lack of understanding and flexibility regarding the mix-up.

The situation was particularly stressful for Suelto-Sagario, who was pregnant at the time.

In her rush to catch up with the ceremony, she had to hurry towards the altar, nearly slipping in the process. The lack of coordination and respect from the church staff added to her distress.

“Nabastos kog maayo, wala man lay respeto nga gapaso pa ko gasugod na intawun sila! (I felt so bad, there was even no respect for me that they started),” she expressed, feeling deeply hurt and embarrassed by the church’s handling of the situation.

The bride was in tears as she was assisted to catch up with her groom at the altar, marking what should have been a joyous moment with unnecessary stress and humiliation.

Local Wedding Suppliers to the Rescue

After the bride’s distressing post about her wedding mishap went viral on social media, wedding suppliers in Negros Oriental felt compelled to come together and offer their services free of charge to help the couple.

The initiative to remake the wedding was led by John Lester Barot, a compassionate wedding violinist who wanted to ensure the couple’s special day was everything they had hoped for.

Barot and his team quickly coordinated efforts to plan a second wedding ceremony, set to take place on June 17.

The response from the local wedding industry was overwhelmingly positive. Suppliers and vendors rallied to support the cause, contributing their products and services to the couple’s new wedding.

By the time of writing, they had secured an impressive array of sponsors. These included a professional host to manage the event, high-quality coffee, a luxurious bridal car, and a delightful ice cream service to add a touch of sweetness to the day.

Additionally, they arranged for top-notch photography to capture every moment, and a beautiful bridal gown to make the bride feel truly special.

The outpouring of support extended beyond these immediate needs. More vendors and individuals were continuously coming forward, offering everything from floral arrangements to venue decorations.

Despite the significant contributions already secured, the team was still actively pooling resources to cover the wedding feast. Fundraising efforts were underway to ensure that the couple and their guests would enjoy a sumptuous meal, making the celebration complete.

“It will be the wedding of the year. Take two wedding,” said Barot enthusiastically, reflecting the community’s dedication to transforming a stressful situation into a joyous and memorable event.

This second matrimony not only aimed to rectify the unfortunate mishap but also to go above and beyond in creating a truly magical experience for the couple.

The collective effort underscored the power of community and compassion, turning what could have been a lingering disappointment into a celebration of love and unity.

Barot’s leadership and the widespread support from local suppliers demonstrated a heartwarming example of how communities can come together in times of need.

The planned event promised to be a testament to resilience and the generosity of spirit, ensuring that Janine Suelto-Sagario and her groom would have the wedding day they deserved.

The story of their second chance at a perfect wedding continued to inspire many, highlighting the profound impact of collective goodwill and the extraordinary lengths people will go to support one another.

Public Apology and Clarification

Monsignor Albert Erasmo Bohol, the priest overseeing St. Andrew the Apostle Parish, took responsibility for the wedding mishap and issued a public apology.

In his statement, he expressed sincere remorse for the events that transpired, acknowledging that emotions had clouded judgment and led to regrettable actions.

“We humbly admit the fact that along the way, there were statements made carried away by emotions. Hence, we express our sincere apology to the bride and the groom, to their respective families who were directly offended by the turn of these events, and to the people who have seen our humanity as Priests in a time when we were weakest of any possible control,” Bohol conveyed in his written apology.

He further extended his apologies to the bereaved family who had to endure the delay in the wedding proceedings. Recognizing their patience and understanding amidst the chaos, Bohol requested their forgiveness and prayers during this difficult time.

“We also ask for your kind indulgence for the times we were short in meeting that call. In the midst of this unfortunate event, please pray for us as we struggle with our frailties.

We pray for the peace of everyone concerned in this event,” added Bohol, emphasizing the parish’s commitment to rectifying the situation and seeking reconciliation with all affected parties.

An internal investigation conducted by the parish revealed the root cause of the confusion: a female wedding sponsor had relayed false information regarding the alleged new schedule.

Bohol clarified that this misinformation was shared unofficially and without proper authorization from the Parish Office. He highlighted the unfortunate timing of a scheduled Funeral Mass at 9:30 a.m. on the same morning, which further complicated matters.

Despite the unexpected circumstances, Bohol emphasized the parish’s efforts to accommodate the situation.

They promptly began the ceremony upon seeing the bride at the church entrance and took the necessary steps to inform the bereaved family about the delay, seeking their understanding and cooperation during a challenging time for all involved.


In conclusion, while the unexpected start to the wedding ceremony may have caused initial stress and confusion, the community’s swift action and support have transformed the mishap into a heartwarming display of solidarity.

Through their resilience and determination, the couple is poised to turn this unexpected twist into a memorable and joyous celebration of love.

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